Lamirande Family Session

There are a lot of lists associated with being a photographer. One of my favorite lists is the one with the names of all the truly awesome people I get to meet as part of this job. Last weekend I met the Lamirandes for a family session, and it was immediately obvious that they definitely deserve to be on that list.  You’ll see why… (more…)

The Art of Photoshop

We have recently heard of (likely from multiple news, social media, and other sources) the story of Nathan Steffel’s touching internet request to have the medical tubes removed from a photo of his infant daughter. I originally saw the story posted via PetaPixel, which also links to the original request post, showing the outpouring of support (and digitally altered portraits) in the comments. The response was indeed heartwarming.

This sad story is a great example of how “just photoshopping something out” isn’t necessarily an accurate description. Not only is a task like this is not as easy and fast as it may sound. People not familiar with the process also tend to overlook just how much it requires artistic interpretation to recreate parts of the image. (more…)

Senior Photography Sale! 1 Day Only!

Is your summer flying by as quick as ours? We are still booking for our remaining summer photography session dates.  Hurry and take advantage of our 1-day senior photography sale! See more details below… (more…)

Holly & Brad’s Green Bay Engagement Session

When I meet with couples to schedule a Green Bay engagement session, I often suggest starting at sunrise. The light is beautiful, places aren’t crowded, and it gives us lots of time to shoot without worrying that it will get dark. Sometimes, that suggestion makes for some interesting reactions. I can’t say I blame people–I was certainly not a morning person either. (To say that I’m a morning person even now is still pretty much a lie.) However, I think the rewards of a Green Bay engagement session at sunrise are pretty worth it. Luckily, Brad and Holly thought so too! (more…)

2014 Prom Photo Session: Green Bay Senior Photographer

High school prom is one of those things–like weddings–where you plan and plan and PLAN in advance. When the time comes, there really isn’t much you can do if something happens at the last minute. If it rains on your wedding day, you still get married, albeit a bit wetter. They don’t postpone prom if the weather is undesirable.

Twenty minutes before the scheduled arrival for their prom photo session, we were walking around the park location and these clouds moved in. (more…)

Senior Photo Session: Megan [Behind the Scenes]

Don’t ever ask me what my “favorite” of something is. There are just far too many favorites to even THINK of narrowing down to one. Plus it’s kind of like asking a parent who their favorite child is–it is just not answerable.

But ONE of my favorite parts of a senior photo session (or any photo session, for that matter) is when we’ve got the shots we need and we get to crank up the creativity and see what we can come up with. That is a big part of why people book me–for what I bring to the creative process. It can be an adventure! Megan’s creative senior photos were just that… (more…)

Senior Photo Session: Jarrett [Behind the Scenes]

I do feel a bit like a broken record here, but you guessed it…Jarrett’s was ANOTHER very chilly spokesmodel session! (Maybe I should start asking about cold tolerance in the interviews…)

For this senior photo session, we used several outdoor spots around downtown Green Bay. His older siblings had used similar locations for their senior photos, so we wanted to maintain that style for consistency within their home. (more…)