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Tough Mudder 2014

I think they call it Cobbler’s Son Syndrome: that the personal stuff you plan to do for yourself or your own family gets put off in favor of work responsibilities, client appointments, and other “need to do” urgencies. Well, I’ve been piecing this together in my “spare time” for months now, and an embarrassingly long […]

The Art of Photoshop

We have recently heard of (likely from multiple news, social media, and other sources) the story of Nathan Steffel’s touching internet request to have the medical tubes removed from a photo of his infant daughter. I originally saw the story posted via PetaPixel, which also links to the original request post, showing the outpouring of […]

Senior Photo Session: Megan [Behind the Scenes]

Don’t ever ask me what my “favorite” of something is. There are just far too many favorites to even THINK of narrowing down to one. Plus it’s kind of like asking a parent who their favorite child is–it is just not answerable. But ONE of my favorite parts of a senior photo session (or any […]