Holly & Brad’s Green Bay Engagement Session

When I meet with couples to schedule a Green Bay engagement session, I often suggest starting at sunrise. The light is beautiful, places aren’t crowded, and it gives us lots of time to shoot without worrying that it will get dark. Sometimes, that suggestion makes for some interesting reactions. I can’t say I blame people–I was certainly not a morning person either. (To say that I’m a morning person even now is still pretty much a lie.) However, I think the rewards of a Green Bay engagement session at sunrise are pretty worth it. Luckily, Brad and Holly thought so too!

The location they chose was a new one in my arsenal of photo session locations, so I went to scope it out ahead of time. It is so gorgeous, and perfect for this awesome couple!

green bay engagement session location

As peaceful as it appears, it still came with its share of excitement. We definitely had a fun time battling the mosquitoes. There’s nothing quite like getting all dressed up for your engagement photo session to constantly be swarmed by mosquitoes. There were also these cute (well, that might be a stretch) territory defenders who made it very obvious that my little preview excursion was not welcome on their turf. There’s nothing wrong with a little adventure, right?

green bay engagement session geese

It was not only a fun story and a great excuse to get an early cup of coffee. Brad and Holly got some adorable engagement photos and we all got to see the sun rise!

green bay engagament session

It was a wonderful engagement session and I had a great time working with these two. Seriously, how cute are they?!

green bay engagement session


“We are so pleased with our decision to have Tina Harpold take our engagement photos. It was wonderful that she took the time to go to our selected location before our session to explore and gain insight into our vision. She had great ideas and was also open to our suggestions which made the session feel very personal. We had high expectations and they were definitely met!” –Holly & Brad


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