Senior Photo Session: Taylor [Behind the Scenes]

After rescheduling multiple times due to weather, we have finally come to the end of our senior spokesmodel sessions for the class of 2015. Despite the added suspense, Taylor really did a beautiful job and her senior photo session in Oshkosh was worth the wait!

Taylor said she felt “pretty pampered” getting her hair and makeup done. There are some definite perks to being a senior spokesmodel!


Oshkosh is new territory for me, as I usually do most of my senior photo sessions in Green Bay. I was really impressed with the locations she picked out! Although we weren’t able to schedule any shots inside this building, we took some very lovely shots on the sunny front stairs. We also eventually figured out that these gates do actually open. Nevermind that it was after three of us had already not-so-gracefully climbed over…


In the true spirit of recent blog posts, I can also report that it was another very chilly day. I think Taylor gets the award for the most windy senior spokesmodel session though. Of course our gorgeous lakeside locations provided the most wind. I will definitely have to do more sessions there…lots of potential there that we didn’t get to take advantage of! (Also, special shoutout to awesome assistants who wrangle large reflectors in order to help the model look her best.)


It was definitely a fun, adventure-filled senior spokesmodel session! I can’t wait to shoot more in Oshkosh!

 “I loved working with Tina and her assistants. They were extremely helpful, kind, and honestly acted as my friends. They were silly and made me laugh and made me feel welcome. And the makeup and hair session made me feel like a pampered princess. I was more than 100% satisfied with my session with Tina Harpold.” –Taylor