2014 Prom Photo Session: Green Bay Senior Photographer

High school prom is one of those things–like weddings–where you plan and plan and PLAN in advance. When the time comes, there really isn’t much you can do if something happens at the last minute. If it rains on your wedding day, you still get married, albeit a bit wetter. They don’t postpone prom if the weather is undesirable.

Twenty minutes before the scheduled arrival for their prom photo session, we were walking around the park location and these clouds moved in.


Looks pretty cool, right? Nice fluffy clouds do make a lovely backdrop for a prom photo session. But the trouble with clouds is they generally keep moving.


Five minutes later, the impending weather change was pretty evident. Those gray clouds are not nice. We were also losing our sun. Fast.

Then came the rain! It rained hard enough that I put the camera away and retreated to the car. You’d never know that fifteen minutes later, the sun would come out and everything would be fine. Green Bay weather is great, isn’t it?

All the kids were remarkably unphased by the short term downpour. They were a great group to work with! (And a large group too, which made for some amazing shots staggered on this hill.


Whatever their trick was for bringing the sunshine, I’d like to learn it! Maybe I should bring them with me to more photo sessions…