Senior Photo Session: Megan [Behind the Scenes]

Don’t ever ask me what my “favorite” of something is. There are just far too many favorites to even THINK of narrowing down to one. Plus it’s kind of like asking a parent who their favorite child is–it is just not answerable.

But ONE of my favorite parts of a senior photo session (or any photo session, for that matter) is when we’ve got the shots we need and we get to crank up the creativity and see what we can come up with. That is a big part of why people book me–for what I bring to the creative process. It can be an adventure! Megan’s creative senior photos were just that…

Jai started us off with the celebrity hair and makeup treatment.


If you live around Green Bay, you know it’s not that hard to find trains. But it’s not always easy to find ones that have that “wow” factor. Thanks to Jeff and Luke, we found a real goldmine with this location. And Megan rocked it!


We also checked out some classic Green Bay locations. The weather was certainly still lacking in the “green” department and the weather had turned from a very sunny day to quite overcast, but we made it work!


Another thing I love about creative senior photos is turning an otherwise “ugly” location into an amazing one. Wait til you see the very dramatic shots we got by just slightly changing our vantage point here.

Creative senior photos locations in Green Bay

As it got later, we got to do some experimental stuff using the city lights. I don’t know if it was the pizza smell near Broadway that kept Megan and her mom going, but they had impressive energy and we just kept shooting! I love seeing things in the moment and just running with it.

 “Taking my senior pictures was such a great experience! Tina’s fun energy and ability to find creative locations that fit my style made my session personal and enjoyable! My session was exactly how I wanted it to be!” –Megan