Awesome DIY Tutu in Zoey’s Green Bay Newborn Photography Session

Moms are pretty cool people. Zoey’s mom made the DIY tutu for this newborn photo session, and I especially love the significance of where the fabric came from.

Anyone who knows me (or has read my blog) knows there is a special place in my heart for dance, and dance photography. Baby Zoey is only a tiny newborn in this photo session, but it is already clear that she may soon find herself in the same position. She already has so much personality, and we tried to capture that in her photos.


The dance theme continued throughout almost the entire session. She even dances in her sleep!

dance newborn photography

It’s hard to believe that she is the same little peanut we visited in the NICU a few months ago.


One of my favorite parts of Zoey’s outfit selections was the DIY tutu that her mom made. It was my favorite outfit of the whole photo session. How adorable is this?

DIY tutu, Green Bay newborn photography

You may have heard of the idea of posing young daughters in their mother’s wedding dress and later displaying the photo at the daughter’s wedding. This is kind of similar, and a clever twist on that idea. The DIY tutu fabric came from scraps of Zoey’s mom’s prom dress!

original prom dress photo

 DIY Tutu Instructions

She got the basic idea from this website via Pinterest, but adjusted the design make it tiny newborn sized. The pieces of tulle were cut to 12″ and folded in half, and the elastic piece was measured to Zoey’s waist. It worked perfectly! I love how fluffy and full the texture looks in this shot:

DIY tutu newborn photography

Can’t wait to capture more of this little developing personality as she grows!


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