Senior Pictures: Joey Behind-the-Scenes

One might think that doing the same types of sessions would make for repetitive posts. However, each client (and therefore each session) is more unique than you might think. Joey’s senior session was no exception.

When I pulled up to his house, the first thing I noticed was this laundry line of his grandfather’s ties hanging outside. You know how sometimes you see something at the start of your day and you instantly know it’s going to be a great day? I definitely considered this a good sign.

ties on laundry line - senior pictures

This was a perfect place for senior pictures–it was so beautiful and personal. What better way to capture memories and significant parts of your personality than using your own back yard for your senior pictures?

Details for Senior Pictures

Well, adding unique details also helps! This elephant vest is a personal style favorite. Then midway through our session, he asks me if we can take some senior pictures with his accordion. Now, disclaimer, I admit I haven’t seen a vast array of accordions in my lifetime, but it’s safe to say this is by far the nicest one I’ve encountered. Love that!

accordion - senior pictures

And then apparently our growing audience thought that senior pictures were so cool, they wanted in too. Thus started the long line of fun animal photobombs. At first, they were subtle just hanging around the vicinity of where we were shooting.



Then they started getting more assertive and wanting their own camera time, I guess. I can’t really blame them–it’s fun!

animal photobomb - senior pictures

animal photobomb - senior pictures


Even after we drove to downtown Appleton, the animals still found us.


This isn’t even all of them! We had a great time (and yes, we did actually get senior pictures with just Joey too!)

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