Senior Photography Session: Tanner’s Behind the Scenes

It’s hard to believe that the morning of Tanner’s senior photography session, we were on the phone looking at the weather reports considering whether to even go through with the session that day. The forecast for the session time was 40% chance of rain. Lucky for us, the weather reports were wrong. Not only did it not rain, but the sky opened up and gave us fantastic weather for a great senior photography session.

As a starting point, I always ask clients to think of some locations that are meaningful or special to them. I love incorporating backgrounds that infuse a personal touch into the photos. Their ideas did not disappoint!

senior photography session location with barn

Besides letting us use their yards, this was simply a great family to work with. They showed up in enthusiastic numbers to support Tanner during his senior photography session. At one point I told Tanner to laugh in order to help him get a natural smile. He called over some reinforcements. They quickly put on a convincing performance!

senior photography session family members

We also put their skills and personalities to use when Tanner wanted to include his cat  in come photos as well. Oreo was less than amused, as you can see in this outtake, but it still made for some memorable photos.

senior photography session with cat

senior photography session with cat

Tanner also wanted to take some photos near his uncle’s apple tree. It was a beautiful location, and a very active apple tree. Every few seconds¬†apples plummeted to the ground all around us. It was an exciting end to our day, to say the least!

senior photography session with apple tree


Want your own senior photography session?

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