Senior Pictures: Behind the Scenes with Alexis

If you’ve been a follower of the blog for the past year, you know we’ve had our share of weather-related challenges. Part of the appeal of catching on-location details and unique environments is that we’re subject to whatever weather happens to occur on the scheduled session date. And while it certainly can require some extra planning before the session, I do love the individuality it creates for each client. For senior pictures for Alexis, we chose a location with both indoor and outdoor options so that we could keep shooting in case it rained. It never hurts to have some good overhangs on the nearby buildings, and this time we got to take advantage of those backup options.

rain during senior pictures

Most girls would be disappointed in a rainy picture day, but I was so impressed by her attitude. Alexis totally owned it and loved the idea of incorporating rain into her senior pictures. It gave us the opportunity to add a few more looks we wouldn’t have been able to capture if it had been a dry and sunny day.

senior pictures with rain

This picture doesn’t really capture quite how comfortable Alexis is in front of the camera. She has experience and training with modeling and it definitely showed once we got rolling with her senior pictures.

I can also say that Alexis has some of the most fun test shots we’ve ever had. She certainly did not waste any opportunities to make the most out of every frame–even though we were only checking the lighting. I can’t just let these go to waste now. So fun!

senior pictures outtakes


Looking for Senior Pictures?

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