Dance Photography – UWGB Danceworks 2014

Every time I click that shutter…take a photograph…it’s a powerful thing. Now I’m not saying that every single photo I take is awe-inspiring, world-changing, or whatever your definition of a “powerful photograph” is. But I literally feel power in clicking that button, knowing that I’ve captured a moment in time that will never be repeated in exactly the same way. It’s hard to find people who don’t enjoy taking pictures–on whatever scale–and that’s likely a big reason why. Once you feel that, it’s hard not to want to feel it again.

Dance Photography – UWGB Danceworks 2014

Last weekend I had the privilege to capture the Danceworks dress rehearsal at UW-Green Bay. Wedding photography and senior photography are my top choices, but dance photography is a guilty pleasure for sure. What’s not to love about it? Beautiful movements, gorgeous lighting, the energy of the music pounding. Having a dance background myself gives me the ability to “read” the choreography and anticipate the timing of the movements. Still, knowing what’s coming only makes it more exciting for me.



Just like going through a family photo album takes you on a trip down memory lane, dance photography takes me right back to my own performances. I am honored to be able to photograph these events, be it a wedding, a high school senior, a dance performance, or anything else my clients can come up with because I know I am capturing something to preserve those feelings. It’s a powerful thing.