How to Choose a Senior Photographer – Part 2

In the last post about how to choose a senior photographer, you learned that you need to book early, and that you should schedule a consultation in person with a senior photographer whose style you like. And I’ll assume that you took that advice and now have a consultation scheduled. So…now what?

The consultation doesn’t just allow you to get to know the senior photographer, but it also allows the photographer to get to know you.

Part of the creative process of any artmaking is the inspiration. That’s where you come in, because it’s all about you! I love consultations because it means I get to meet awesome seniors and their parents and get inspired for the session. We talk about things you like and don’t like. As senior photographers, we come up with new ideas and concepts based on your style and personality. YOU are the inspiration! (This part is really fun–when you’re brainstorming, it’s easy to dream big!)

Bring your parent(s). I know…

There are a couple reasons why it’s a really good idea to bring your parents to the consultation. In fact, it’s such a good idea that we actually require it.

First of all, parent permission is a good, good thing. As senior photographers, we support that. Second, it’s not just your style we want to keep in mind, but also theirs. [Wait a minute–they’re MY senior pictures, not my parents’!] Absolutely! And clearly the main focus is on you! But remember that your senior pictures will also be hanging as artwork in their home and we want the style to at least make sense in that environment. Third, your senior photography session is a once in a lifetime experience. It’s a big deal! They should be a part of that and be there to support you. We may even let them photobomb a shot or two. Wouldn’t that make a lovely mothers/fathers day gift next year? You’re welcome.

green bay senior photographer senior with mom

Another big reason you need a parent is because you’ll need them to sign the senior photography agreement when you book. And just a heads up: if one parent will want to take it home to have the other read it over, it’s a good idea to bring both. That way you can sign right away and have the best choice of senior photography session date.

Have more questions on booking your senior photography session? Contact us!