Ideas for wedding guests: Green Bay Visitors Guide

When my husband and I planned our Green Bay wedding several years ago, the majority of our guests were from out of town. Sure we had friends from Green Bay and close by, but both of our families (immediate and extended) were not from this area. The Green Bay Visitors Guide was a lifesaver for me. I padded up our invitations to include the requisite maps and hotel information, but also included a section with a list of events and activites so that guests could fill their weekend with more than just our wedding.


Green Bay Visitors Guide

Using the Green Bay Visitors Guide, I listed events and activities for couples, families, and kids. I made sure to represent a sampling of different interests so hopefully there was a little something for everybody. I included a website for each activity/location, but you could also use QR codes if your invitation designer can work it in with your style.

Wedding guests really appreciated being able to look things up ahead of time, narrow down their choices, and have a plan ready. They also liked having a group of activities pre-selected for them since they didn’t know the area. Even Green Bay wedding guests enjoyed seeing the options since we tend to forget about some of these activities when we live here.

I knew it was a success when I overheard wedding guests swapping stories about where they’d visited. Some were planning out which activities they wanted to try the next day before going home. It made for a great topic of conversation amongst family members just meeting for the first time too.