DePere Engagement Session: Dani & Kurt

We’re not strangers to inconvenient weather during photo sessions. But Dani and Kurt’s DePere engagement session was the total opposite. We had perfect weather, a great day, a gorgeous location, and this pretty adorable couple! It doesn’t get much better than that.

depere engagement session

Besides being altogether lovely people, these two are so fun! Our sessions are usually pretty laid back. Dani and Kurt felt like part of the family from the start. Whenever you can relax in front of the camera, let your personality show, and have a sense of humor it’s typically a winning combination for a photo session. This is why I love my job–I have wonderful clients who aren’t afraid to be themselves and make taking photos such a fun experience!

depere engagement session

The couple both attended St. Norbert College in DePere. They wanted a DePere engagement session from the beginning. I’m kind of embarrassed to say I’ve lived in Green Bay for 14 years and I’d never really seen the campus. This was the perfect excuse to finally realize what I’d been missing all this time.


We did our pre-session location preview during what coincidentally happened to be SNC Day (another event I admittedly had never heard of). It was fun to see such great energy and activity and watch the campus come to life. How have I been unaware of this for so long?! 

When we did the engagement session, they were also setting up for another on-campus event. It’s not every day people roll out the red carpet for us.  You bet we’ll take advantage when it happens, though! These two were already feeling like celebrities with their own paparazzi so it worked out nicely.

depere engagement session

I LOVED working with these two! Can you just imagine how gorgeous the wedding is going to be!

depere engagement session



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