Top 5 Reasons NOT to Cut Corners on Professional Senior Photos

Getting your baby ready to be a senior in high school is daunting. Remember their first-day-of-school look? Soon you’ll be waving goodbye after moving them in to their first dorm room. High school seniors have an overwhelming number of choices to make and navigating it all is equally hard on parents. Professional senior photos shouldn’t have to be one of the hard decisions.

I know you’ll research ’til your fingers fall off on ways to save money for college. But here are the top five reasons NOT to cut corners on your baby’s senior photos–their last professional photos as an adolescent.

5. Regain something NORMAL.

You and your senior know better than anyone how many experiences have been…altered…this year. You’ve done so much for them, but things just haven’t been the “normal” they’ve come to expect. They’ve missed out on more once-in-a-lifetime experiences and memories than they deserve. Their professional senior photo session experience doesn’t have to be another tradition denied to them this year.

seymour senior picture

4. They’ll never be quite like this again.

Remember how quickly they seemed to grow as a baby? They change so fast! Even though they’re not a baby anymore, they’re still changing right before your eyes. Time only seems like it’s going faster as they get older and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. Professional senior photos capture the beauty of all that fleeting adolescent magic and preserve it forever.

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3. Celebrate the senior milestone.

Becoming a senior is not just an every day accomplishment. It only happens once! Whether it’s been an adventurous and hard fought journey or a more smooth-sailing path, reaching senior year is a milestone worth celebrating. Professional senior photos are a reward for both the parent and the senior–you deserve it!


2. Trust a professional to preserve your precious memories.

Professionals have access to the best labs and the design experience to preserve your senior’s legacy for a lifetime. It’s what they do! Make sure yours will last for future generations and won’t be lost to a hard drive crash, lost phone, or getting locked out of a social media account.

1. You want the best for your child.

When it comes down to it, this is it. Capture the best version of them. Give them the best experience. Create lasting, special art that’s more than the hundreds of selfies they already have. Take the time and collaborate with a professional senior photographer like Tina Harpold Photography to create something custom and meaningful just for you!


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