Lifestyle Photo Session for Ethan in Chicago!

Remember this little guy? He’s turning one year old already! He is ready to tackle this age of whole numbers and had a blast celebrating his lifestyle photo session.

lifestyle photo session

What is a lifestyle photo session?

If you like natural candid photos, you’ll love lifestyle photo sessions! Clients in our “Client for Life” program often request these types of sessions. Lifestyle means it doesn’t have to be a special occasion, because the photos are largely unposed and simply capture natural movements, tendencies, and facial expressions in everyday environments. They are a great way to preserve all the little things that change as children and families grow! (You know, the kinds of things you look back on years later and say, “oh, I forgot how he would always do that!”)

lifestyle photo session

Right now, Ethan is always on the move! He crawls and plays and explores and puts everything in his mouth. He also smiles with his couple of cute little teeth showing. The photos preserve all those fleeting moments in childhood.

lifestyle photo session

Parents and families like lifestyle photo sessions because they are low pressure and stress-free! Kids love them because they get to play and be themselves. Who doesn’t love that?!

Happy Birthday Ethan!

After our indoor photos, Ethan’s parents planned a little birthday celebration for him outside. Normally a cake smash would not be part of a lifestyle photo session. However, when you are as on top of your game as Ethan’s mom is, stuff like that just becomes normal so it worked great!

lifestyle photo session

He loved his Cat in the Hat cake, and his outfit was on point. I have to compliment his cake smashing form too–using both hands, both feet and legs, and eventually bypassing hands all together and diving face first into the cake plate. It was a smashing success! (ha ha…)

lifestyle photo session


Schedule Your Own Session!

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