Theatre Photos: Danceworks at UW-Green Bay

I’ve mentioned before that taking dance photos is one of my favorite forms of nostalgia. So I was again honored and excited to be able to take performance photos for Danceworks at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay this year.



Why Dance Photos?


I’ve often been asked why dance photos are so popular–isn’t video enough? The truth is video is great for documenting choreography. A high quality videographer can do wonderful things to capture movement and theatrical effects of a performance. But there is just something about a still image, perfectly timed to freeze the moments that dancers work their whole lives for.


Still photos focus in on the true power of the piece and can capture split second moments. These moments would be so fleeting on video…blink and you’ll miss them. In a photo, it is immortal.


Dance productions also showcase more than movement and choreography. The effects designers work hard to complement and support the choreography and sound with lighting and creative visuals. As an audience member, these effects blend seamlessly into the performance. In photos, the lighting becomes another character in the piece.



Being able to capture real movement during a rehearsal or performance also makes a huge impact. Compare a performance photo with authentic movement to a posed shot and you’ll see what I mean. As someone with a dance background (and some amazing dance memories), those are the shots I love the most.



“As a dancer I know exactly what it feels like to experience a dance, but I never get to see the finished product of my performance. I can only believe what others tell me. I recently got the opportunity to see myself through Tina’s lens and it changed the way I see dance. I had no idea I looked as alive as I felt; and I wouldn’t have known that if Tina hadn’t so artistically captured each moment in real time.”


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